Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun Facts About the Daisy Flower

Flowers are given for different reasons. The beauty and fragrance of a flower that has been proven to improve your mood. It can be given as a sign of love or friendship and may even be given to comfort those who are sick.

Flowers can also be purchased for the home. It may be our guests feel welcome and can brighten up any space in the room. There are thousands of flowers all over the world. Daisies  are just two of the most popular flowers that exist today.

The Daisy was praised by poets around the world and proves that simple can be beautiful. This beautiful flower symbolizes purity, innocence, beauty and simplicity. It is often used when proclaiming your eternal love. Daisies are believed to be around for over 4000 years and there are over 12,000 species. Each species differ in color, size and shape. The Shasta Daisy and African among the most popular of all kinds Daisy. The Shasta daisy has white petals with a bright yellow center, while African Daisy orange or even beautiful purple pedals with a dark blue or purple center. Given the name, "Days Eye", the Daisy closes its petals at sunset and again opens its petals at dawn.

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